At least teach them what we know

This morning we were discussing the future. The future is unknown. No one knows that lies over the horizon for our students. They will be dealing with technologies that we haven’t seen yet, things we couldn’t even fathom yet, things that could only be in a sci-fi movie. It is not possible to teach out students about these technologies, we don’t have them yet.

However, we can teach them the technologies we have in front of us. We owe them that. We couldn’t possibly expect these children to acquire knowledge of future technologies if they don’t understand the technologies that started them. I’ve always thought the phrase “you learn from the past” was a ridiculous phrase but if it’s put into perspective it makes a bit more sense. One cannot think something ‘works well’ until they can compare it with something that ‘doesn’t work well.’ There needs to be an old in order to have a new.

That’s my piece this morning.




~ by M² on 24. April 2009.

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