Taking a break is deadly!

Holy buckets. It’s been a while. So many things going on in one’s life makes keeping up a lesser priority. Engagement, holidays and now house buying…needless to say, it has put my blogging on the back burner. 

However, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about how technology is useful in my life and in my classroom. I created a Ning to organize my thoughts, get feedback and plan appointments for my wedding in October, I kept up to date with my friends and family using my Facebook account of the 16 day winter break and the internet is a priceless tool for house hunting!

I have also been wracking my brain to streamline the podcasting process for my students. I loved the vodcasting and I know the kiddos did too but I’m going to have to cut out the middle-man on that one and that means cutting out the video. We’ll get by on voice alone. I do want it to be a process that the students can complete and post on their own. I know there are a ton of great online tools out there for us to use, but unfortunately the appropriate ones aren’t available for my students to use.

Heather, the media specialist at Highland, has recently told me great news about budgets. She told me last week that we’d be able to order a snowball microphone, a digital camera and some kid friendly digital cameras for classroom project use. I feel this brings us a step closer to answering some of my questions about how.

During my blogging break I also had the privilege of attending the TIES conference. What a phenomenal resource to those who are able to attend. I went to many great seminars about Web 2.0 and it only continued to depress me. There are so many things that would be great to have in the here and now, if only we has access to them in the here and now. But I also hear, at Highland, we might have more access to Web 2.0 in the coming school year. Hopefully the ‘powers-that-be’ allow the access privileges to the primary grades.

It has been great to see how my students have been growing in the past few months and I can’t doubt the fact that they could be growing in different directions if we only have different equipment. We’ll see what the future brings us.

That’s the latest for meandering today…hopefully not-so-long until next time.




~ by M² on 10. January 2009.

One Response to “Taking a break is deadly!”

  1. Hello, You may want to try the free accounts at http://www.intellipodcast.com – lots of students are using the vodcasts and podcasting tools there now. Very easy to use. Look at the Education channel to see ho Robi students ate using it at their school…

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