NEMEN in November

After every NEMEN weekend I get increasingly excited about the future of technology in the classroom. It has always been one of my dreams to be able to have my students on the forefront of knowledge; that dream includes the forefront of technology. While I may be a far cry from achieving that dream, I feel like the weekends are the baby-steps in the right direction.

Molly Schroeder’s presentation opened my eyes a bit to the power behind google. Ooofta! Google should have Microsoft running and screaming in fear! I couldn’t believe that I have never stumbled across this mega-plex of applications that are offered fro free. I guess I’m too busy floating around in my Apple bubble (don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t betray Apple) that I haven’t noticed the other amazing things laying right at my feet.

Another part of the weekend that I will be taking home with me is the opportunity to hear what other NEMEN leaders are doing in their schools. I enjoyed the presentations put on by our own technology leaders and feel that we are in great hands for what lies ahead. Together, we’ll get the ball rolling for many people besides ourselves. Let’s keep up the phenomenal work.




~ by M² on 30. November 2008.

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