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I have a renewed faith in the outlook for our kiddos and technology. It makes me happy. I hope this interest can continue as positive interest and we’ll keep it out of the red!






Ask “How can I get it done?”

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Don’t ask “Can I do this?” instead “How can I get it done?”




At least teach them what we know

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This morning we were discussing the future. The future is unknown. No one knows that lies over the horizon for our students. They will be dealing with technologies that we haven’t seen yet, things we couldn’t even fathom yet, things that could only be in a sci-fi movie. It is not possible to teach out students about these technologies, we don’t have them yet.

However, we can teach them the technologies we have in front of us. We owe them that. We couldn’t possibly expect these children to acquire knowledge of future technologies if they don’t understand the technologies that started them. I’ve always thought the phrase “you learn from the past” was a ridiculous phrase but if it’s put into perspective it makes a bit more sense. One cannot think something ‘works well’ until they can compare it with something that ‘doesn’t work well.’ There needs to be an old in order to have a new.

That’s my piece this morning.



Out of service…

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I am finally back in service. My computer went down right after we moved into our new home. I have been working off of my fiancé’s computer for the time being and since he is trying to finish up college, his homework has taken a precedent.

However, my birthday is coming up here in a couple days (Earth Day) and I was dealing with a 4 year old laptop, so he took it upon himself to buy me an upgrade!! I was taken by surprise to have a new laptop under the wrapping of my early birthday present. But because my old laptop went out with a fight, I wasn’t able to migrate my information, settings and data onto my new laptop. 😦 BIG Bummer!!! I have been wracking my brain trying to remember passwords, websites, usernames and all sorts of junk. Such is life though. Hopefully all will come back on track here soon.


Perfect Example

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Today is the perfect example of how we have to work-on-the-fly. Many of us just assume internet access privileges when in fact, they’re not always available.

I was just having a conversation on Thursday with a para in my buliding who is going to Kenya for the 2nd semester. We’d like her to keep us up to date about her ‘going-ons’ and where she is. I taught her how to upload photos to google sites. All of this was under the assumption that she would have access where ever she’s going.

She did ultimately tell me that she would have access in most places, but they may be slower than we’re used to.

Taking a break is deadly!

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Holy buckets. It’s been a while. So many things going on in one’s life makes keeping up a lesser priority. Engagement, holidays and now house buying…needless to say, it has put my blogging on the back burner. 

However, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about how technology is useful in my life and in my classroom. I created a Ning to organize my thoughts, get feedback and plan appointments for my wedding in October, I kept up to date with my friends and family using my Facebook account of the 16 day winter break and the internet is a priceless tool for house hunting!

I have also been wracking my brain to streamline the podcasting process for my students. I loved the vodcasting and I know the kiddos did too but I’m going to have to cut out the middle-man on that one and that means cutting out the video. We’ll get by on voice alone. I do want it to be a process that the students can complete and post on their own. I know there are a ton of great online tools out there for us to use, but unfortunately the appropriate ones aren’t available for my students to use.

Heather, the media specialist at Highland, has recently told me great news about budgets. She told me last week that we’d be able to order a snowball microphone, a digital camera and some kid friendly digital cameras for classroom project use. I feel this brings us a step closer to answering some of my questions about how.

During my blogging break I also had the privilege of attending the TIES conference. What a phenomenal resource to those who are able to attend. I went to many great seminars about Web 2.0 and it only continued to depress me. There are so many things that would be great to have in the here and now, if only we has access to them in the here and now. But I also hear, at Highland, we might have more access to Web 2.0 in the coming school year. Hopefully the ‘powers-that-be’ allow the access privileges to the primary grades.

It has been great to see how my students have been growing in the past few months and I can’t doubt the fact that they could be growing in different directions if we only have different equipment. We’ll see what the future brings us.

That’s the latest for meandering today…hopefully not-so-long until next time.



NEMEN in November

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After every NEMEN weekend I get increasingly excited about the future of technology in the classroom. It has always been one of my dreams to be able to have my students on the forefront of knowledge; that dream includes the forefront of technology. While I may be a far cry from achieving that dream, I feel like the weekends are the baby-steps in the right direction.

Molly Schroeder’s presentation opened my eyes a bit to the power behind google. Ooofta! Google should have Microsoft running and screaming in fear! I couldn’t believe that I have never stumbled across this mega-plex of applications that are offered fro free. I guess I’m too busy floating around in my Apple bubble (don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t betray Apple) that I haven’t noticed the other amazing things laying right at my feet.

Another part of the weekend that I will be taking home with me is the opportunity to hear what other NEMEN leaders are doing in their schools. I enjoyed the presentations put on by our own technology leaders and feel that we are in great hands for what lies ahead. Together, we’ll get the ball rolling for many people besides ourselves. Let’s keep up the phenomenal work.